Special Blessings receives the
Community Partner Award from Wells Fargo
September 2012

Individuals are needed to assist with set up/breakdown and assist with serving food, etc. If you are available for 1 1/2 hours or more, please register by filling out the form below. We will contact you with more information.


On Going Volunteer Opportunities....Assist where needed...

OR become a Team Leader


Friday, June 19th

Live, Laugh, Love Comedy FUNraiser

Location: Elk's Lodge (5538 Lead Mine Rd., Raleigh)

Volunteers are needed to set up/breakdown and assist with food and more.
Time: Noon-11:00 pm (Volunteers are asked to assist for a minimum of 2 hours or more)
Total Volunteers Needed: 10

Thursday, November 5th, 2019: One Magical Christmas

​Location: Elk's Lodge (5538 Lead Mine Rd., Raleigh)

Volunteers are needed to set up/breakdown and assist with food and more.

Time: Noon-10:00 pm (Volunteers are asked to assist for a minimum of 2 hours or more)

Total Volunteers Needed: 10

To Register for one or more of these events, please fill out the form below:

Pictured Above: (L-R)
Dr. Cole Bradburn,

Exec. Director of Special Blessings, Roxanne Sinsapaugh

& Assistant Director, Mary Garris, 
"09 President of KCOC, Jason Kucma

Mark Your Calendar and Make Plans to join us for our 2020...

"One Magical Christmas"

Special Blessings Receives the
Community Partner Award
From Wells Fargo
September 2010

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Business of the Month from the

Knightdale Chamber of Commerce for 
April 2009


**Welcome Spring 2020!** 

​Hello Everyone!

*Woo-Hoo! Spring has Sprung!!!**

Who would have thought that **Spring of 2020** would be bringing more than pollen.

Yes. We will always remember 2020 as the year that made the world stand still due to a virus.... **Namely, COVID-19.*

As you read this, you are probably trying to decide what to do next; Netflix, read a book, grab a snack or, like me, create new things for your "Special Blessing" to do.

For me and my family, we are trying to reflect on the positive. We are used to challenges that come out of nowhere as are most families caring for special loved ones. Challenges are a BIG part of who we are, and we are CHAMPS for finding our way out of them.

We are taking this time as our very own personal, "Stay-cation". We have had projects piling up for a really long time and now we have no excuse to NOT get them done. Spring cleaning... Here I Come!!! (Now where did I put the remote for my Netflix!)_

**We're putting our "Special Blessing" to work, too. ** We don't have ALL of his job duties set up yet, but we're slowly but surely getting there.

It may include things like; "cleaning up" that little "Mud-puddle" in the yard, since it would be good for all of his sensory issues (Husband, get the hose out!) **AND** throw the ball for the dog in the backyard (I'm thinking those two will...Watch mom as she chases the ball, fetches it and brings it back)

**My point. **... We've all got this, and one day soon, this will be a distant memory.
AND, while you wait…Make sure that you Make lots of wonderful Memories!!! Be Creative!!!

Most important…**Remember, Laughter IS the Best medicine! **

Stay Healthy, Happy and Take Care of Your World~
See you soon,
(Executive Director)

Special Blessings receives the
Community Partner Award from

Wells Fargo
September 2015

Special Blessings is planning a BBQ Fundraiser at Car Cosmotology 

(5800 Knightdale Blvd. Intersection of Old Milburnie Rd. At the street Light) on 

Friday, TBA

From: 3-7 pm

Please be sure to show your support by stopping by, purchasing a plate, AND invite your friends.

Why Cook on a Friday Night!??? ..Relax…Let us do it for you...

We'll have a Hot Meal ready to go...

Hurry! Don't be late! Our food sells out quickly. Yup! It's that good!

Pictured Above: Founder, Roxanne Sinsapaugh,  her Special Blessing, son, Shaun, 

Special Blessings Team Member, Tracy Coats
and North Hills Wells Fargo Representative, Christa Gonzales

(Not Pictured: Brandon Gardner)

Changing the Disabilities of Today into the Abilities of Tomorrow”

​​​Coming Soon! "Live, Laugh, Love" Comedy Event

Our On
Friday, June 19th, 2020, Special Blessings will be hosting a “Live, Laugh, Love, FUN-raiser” that will offer an evening of Comedy, Delicious Food and a Silent Auction that will benefit our cause.              

(Adult beverages will be available at the bar and are sold separately)

“Live, Laugh, Love” represents our hearts for our special loved ones and their future lives, living outside of their families independently…”To Live Life to its Fullest, to Laugh and have joy every day and to Love    beyond words.”

This event will be held at the Elk's Lodge, 5538 Lead Mine Rd. in Raleigh

Our Guests will enjoy a fun and relaxing evening as we laugh (Comedy provided by a local comedian) and make a difference in the lives of the families that we serve. A Silent Auction table will be set up with items that are sure to catch your attention. If you are interested in participating and would like to purchase tickets, they are currently on sale for $25 per person and can be purchased by Clicking on this Link:

Special Blessings, Roxanne Sinsapaugh, with

Granting Hope, Antowanna Blount

and WRAL TV 5, Bill Leslie

 Community Events! Everyone is Welcome!!!

If you would like to remain anonymous, please write "Anonymous" in the comment section. Thank you.




November 7th, 2019

One Magical Christmas

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Special Blessings receives the
Community Grant Award from

Sam's Club, Wake Forest
August 2016


Blessings Inc

Be Sure to CONFIRM registration upon reciept of Email.

improving family life...

Sharing Information, knowledge and understanding!

Giving Hope, Strengthening Families, and Making a Difference!


Be Sure to CONFIRM registration upon reciept of Email.

Pictured Above:                       Founder, Roxanne Sinsapaugh, her Special Blessing, son, Shaun, 
and Knightdale Wells Fargo Representative, Brandon Gardner

Volunteer Opportunities posted below...

~ F.Y.I.

Our Support Group meets once a month. Families gather to share information on raising children with special needs.

Our Family Fun Group meets on a monthly basis to participate in activities such as, roller-skating, bowling and park visits.

Our Families of Faith Meetings are for families who are interested in sharing their Faith and Prayers.

( Meeting times vary )

We are a Family Outreach Program. There are No Age restrictions to our group or participants.

For More information on Special Blessings Support Group, Family Fun Group or Families of Faith Meetings, please call:

(919) 366-9589

or Email: Specialblessings14@gmail.com

**Get Ready Cause' We're Going to have some fun!!!**

**As stated above**, this virus will soon be a distant memory. We are adhering to all local, state and federal guidelines, so please know that we will not begin meeting until the bans have been lifted.

Once we have the green light to resume our meetings, we will be making a few changes to how we gather as a group. Those details will be posted at a later date and based on the activity that is scheduled.

We have some awesome events planned for spring & summer and can't wait to share them with you.
We are looking forward to having some Fun, Learning and Growing together soon.

***On a Side Note...Our group gatherings are normally small in size, so  getting connected to other families is easy to do.***

Be sure to follow us on Facebook at Special Blessings Inc.
Don’t forget to check out our Calendar of Events page and RSVP for the  activities that you and your family plan to attend. Click Button for
It’s going to be an AWESOME spring and we can’t wait to share it with you.  

Make Every Day a Great Day!   

See you soon!                                             

The Special Blessings Team